Alan Collins -Sculptor




Born in the County of Surrey, England.

Art Education
Wimbledon College of Art, and the Royal College of Art (Sculpture School). While a student at the R.C.A. worked as assistant to Barry Hart, tutor in stone carving & inscription.

Degrees and Awards
Completed in the United Kingdom:
Intermediate Diploma in Art & Crafts (1st place in U.K.);
Free Scholarship to the Royal College of Art (Sculpture School);
Graduation Diploma, R.C.A. (1951); Awarded the Sir Otto Beit Medal for stone sculpture at Guildford Cathedral, Surrey, England (1964), placed first from entries submitted by sculptors in the U.K. and British Commonwealth; Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors (1964).

Completed in the United States:
Won the Schrillo Foundation Grant (Loma Linda University, 1985), to make a comparative study of Roman inscription in the U.K. with contemporary letter carving there; Awarded the Distinguished University Service Award (Loma Linda University, 1986), and the Alumni Association’s Teacher of the Year Award (L.L.U., 1987); Awarded the Loma Linda University Seed Fund Grant (1987) to explore "The Relationship of Aesthetic & Literary Meaning in Sculptural / Inscriptional Forms" (title of study proposal); Awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from Andrews University (1988).

Exhibitions & Galleries
Completed in the United Kingdom:
The Arts & Crafts Society, Burlington House (1945);
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (1949);
The Royal Society for the Arts (1950);
Alwyn Gallery (Royal Society of British Sculptors group show, 1964).

Completed in the United States:
New England Sculptors’ Association show (1969);
Petersham, Mass. Art Festival (1969);
Worcester County (Mass.) Regional Juried Show (1970);
Casdin Gallery, Worcester, Mass. (1970-1).
St. Joseph Art Center, St. Joseph, Mich. (1972-8).
Zantman Art Galleries, Palm Desert & Carmel, California (1984 to the

Teaching Experience
Completed in the United Kingdom:
Hertfordshire College of Art, and Berkshire College of Art, taught sculpture and figure-drawing (1951-9).
Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Mass., taught sculpture, design
& drawing (1968-71);

Completed in the United States:
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Mich., taught sculpture, design, figure-drawing & anatomy (1971-8);
St. Joseph Art Center, St. Joseph, Mich., taught clay-modeling and woodcarving (1972-8);
Loma Linda University, Riverside, Calif., taught sculpture, design &
drawing (1978-89).

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